What dates should I be in Tofino?
We (Heidi and Michael) will be in Tofino Wednesday, May 26 through Sunday, May 30. We recommend coming out Thursday through Sunday (at a minimum) to enjoy Tofino and the surrounding area. We will probably be arranging several activities so there will be lots to do if you come out early.

Are there any special instructions for booking at The Wickininnish?
When booking, there is no need to mention our wedding as they will have a guest list to match you with our group.

What will the weather be like?
At this time of year, the weather will likely be fairly variable. You should plan for everything from clear, blue skies, to wind and rain. We expect temperatures to be in the 10C (50F) to 16C (60F) range and recommend layering for versatility.

How should I dress for the wedding?
We suggest semi-formal attire but keep in mind that this is a beach wedding (weather permitting). We strongly recommend that women not wear heels on the beach. Heidi will be wearing wellingtons (boots) under her dress. If you are staying at The Wickininnish, they will be able to lend you boots during your stay.

Where will the cerimony be held?
Weather permitting, the ceremony and reception will be held on Shell Beach. This is a private beach owned by The Wickininnish. The name likely comes from the vast quantity of shells on parts of the beach. It is a 5 minute casual (or 3 minute brisk) walk from the main building, with a fairly steep 20-yard paved ramp down to the beach. We will have tents, heaters (if necessary) and a bonfire.

If the weather is poor, the ceremony and reception will be held in the Salal Room in the main building.

Will baby-sitters be available?
You can arrange baby-sitters through The Wickininnish if you are staying there.

What transportation options are available if I am not staying at The Wickininnish?
We have arranged for a car and driver for the evening to transport people to and from The Wickininnish. Please let us know if you need transportation and we will ensure that your needs are taken care of. You are of course welcome to drive on your own, but please don't drink and drive.

Is there a registry?
No. We have at least one of everything that we want. Really. If you really feel like giving us a present, please consider donating to one of our favorite charities, Room to Read: US donations or Canadian donations (at the bottom of the form, please fill in the Tribute Information section "In Honor of Heidi and Michael's wedding")

What about allergies?
Please let us know if you have any food (or drink) allergies so we can make arrangements.

May 2010